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About Us

I am Kim Le; let me take a few minutes to introduce myself. My late husband and I came to this country from Viet Nam in 1990. After a brief stay in Utica, NY -- where it was much too cold for us -- we decided to come to Atlanta, where my first job was as a nail technician. It wasn't too long after that we were able to open our own salon. It was during this time working with my wonderful clients (some of whom are still with me today) that I became committed to helping my clients feel better about themselves by looking their best. This led me to an interest in cosmetology, and so I went back to school and became a licensed aesthetician in 2000. I'm passionate about the connection between health, wellness, and looking and feeling better, and I've never stopped learning. I have continued with training that focuses on how I can improve my clients' skin with the use of lasers.

The community that my husband and I built with our city and our client (who are also friends), and which I continue to carry on now, is what has nurtured the growth of our business and has in turn nurtured me and my children throughout our lives here. It is because of this loving relationship with our larger community that we want to give back to that community by giving 5% of all eligible purchases to the Community School and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. "Small things can make all the difference in the world", and my family knows this well. It is the millions of small things and gestures of support that have allowed me to dream and to achieve and grow the dream that is Kim's Day Spa.


Now here we are in the spring of 2021. Who would have ever guessed that we would be more than a year into a world-wide pandemic? In the early stages I closed my business for seven weeks, but rather than sit and worry (and because I can never just sit still) I started researching other ways to serve my clients. That's when I discovered NuSkin. I have carefully reviewed and selected products that I know will be of great value to my clients, especially as we continue to navigate thru the pandemic. There does seem to be some positive progress towards getting back to living our lives the way we used to, but for now and for likely months to come we'll still be in this new "normal". As a skin care specialist I see an impact to people's skin due to the constant mask-wearing. We keep ourselves and each other safe, but it does lead to some interesting skin problems -- I call it "mask-ne". I offer several products and services that can help with that. Please talk to me about it and I will help you find what will work for you.

Finally, I want to say thank you to my friends, my clients, and my community for supporting Kim's Day Spa through the years. It is an honor to have served you for two decades. And I want to thank you, the reader of this greeting, for taking the time to let me share my story. I look forward to serving you with all my heart.